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It's All About the Song

“Solar System”, opens my 2016 “Lady in the Moon” record. 


Checking in for a little music talk, and show reminder. 
This song grabbed my attention years ago, and it, “Solar System”, opens my 2016 “Lady in the Moon” cd. Thought you might like to hear the wonderful songwriter Bill Mallonee doing the version that literally stopped me in my tracks when I saw him live. 
We tried to make my studio recording of it “wide and spacey”, 
🌜🎶🌛 ......I’ll be doing it, just me and a guitar at The Fret House show in Covina, CA this Saturday night. 3/30/19 Please consider this a personal invitation to everyone on my fan site, and beyond, to join me as I co-bill with local singer songwriter Jeannie Willets. 

Jeannie Willets Fan Page 

Take Good Care, Listen Live, and often! 


P.S.—- FYI....My CD is available here: Buy some music!


Bill Mallonee - Solar System

The Coffee Gallery Backstage Show This Friday August 11, 8 pm 

Hello all, Here's an update about my upcoming show on 8/11/17 with Michael McNevin

I had the privilege of recording two songs from two very talented female songwriters that will be included on a CD available this Friday night called "The Backstage Deal". 

I also recorded one written by my friend Michael McNevin, who I am sharing the stage with for our very first co-billed show together at The Coffee Gallery Backstage, a wonderful listening room in Altadena California. 


Our idea was to share new material with our fans, in a casual way. A casual tangent, if you will; (think unplugged house concert in your living room) three new songs from each of us, on one CD. 

All will be performed live, this Friday night. My grateful thanks to Claire Holley and Brandy Zdan for your wonderful songs! And as always, thanks to my pal, Michael McNevin for giving me Carte blanche access to your musical stories and landscapes. 

Just a reminder as well, that the wonderful Tim Fleming will be joining us on pedal steel. 

See y'all Friday; show starts at 8 pm.


Show details here








Musings of a Song Catcher 

I was paid a nice compliment at a recent song circle by a talented and well respected member the local songwriting community. I had just finished my turn in the round with a song called "Longing Road" written by John Smith, from Wisconsin, who taught at a camp I attended last year. My friend Dave said, “What? Do you have a whole corral of songwriters somewhere that sit around and write songs just for you?” 

Well the truth is, they are written for me, and I find them in secret. Secrets are hard to keep, so it's time to let this one go. I have to listen for them. They are discovered by a meaningful word, phrase, melody, or feeling that I am able to recognize to be my message, and then I know this is the song written for me. 

Next, as to acknowledge the message, I quickly reply by soaking the song in; listening to it over and over until the whole message reaches something deep inside my soul. Waiting, marinating, maturing, and when it's ripe, I am finally able to share it. 

The icing on the cake is when I can share, regift if you will, the song back to the writer by playing it for them in person; those are sacred moments; treasured memories that define me as an artist and musician. 

For me it really is "All About the Song", and I'm grateful for the corral of writers at the water trough, on the road, willing to share their deepest joys, sorrows, and everything in between with this song catcher. 

Come on out to my show on Saturday 6/18; I'll be playing "Longing Road" and a few other new ones, along with songs from my debut album "Lady in the Moon". Show details here.

A special thank-you to Jim, for this blog prompt/outline! 

Thank-you also to Jana Stanfield for encouraging me to name this blog..."It's all about the Song". JanaStanfield.com

Lady in the Moon 

Well here it is, the new website, with all the updated information to keep track of what I'm up to, where I'm playing, and how to order my new CD "Lady in the Moon". 
I will try and write something as often as I can;  my idea is to take a song each time, and talk about why I chose to include it on the record. 

Let me begin by saying that I do not consider myself a songwriter, which is why there are no songs on the album written by me.  I am however part of a songwriting community that I adore and who are so generous to share their songs with me.  Usually I'll be out listening to music and stumble upon a song that I feel like I can wrap my heart around; and wait to see if it continues to take root, . 

I'll begin with "Lady in the Moon"; the title cut.  I knew that one day I would record it;  way back 30 years ago, I knew.  That was when I first heard it from the songwriter, my friend, Ray De La Paz, who had a love for melodic Paul McCartney songs.  I always loved singing it with him; and when the harmony kicked in on the chorus, I felt like this was a song written just for me and filed it under: "songs I would love to record". 

Well in those days I was a pretty new guitar player and the chords he used were way out of my 'folky songs of the day', wheelhouse, so for many years I was content with the special treat of singing it together at parties we both attended.  As time went on and I improved on guitar, I knew I needed to have it in my back pocket;  and I was not about to lose track of this song!  Kids, family, life; the times of running into Ray were few and far between as things got busier for both of us and eventually I lost track of him. 

I was however in touch with a mutual friend who knew how to play it and agreed to show me; so I could write out the structure of these elusive chords.  For years I was missing two chords in the chorus; Ray unfortunately passed away in 2011 and in the meantime I  lost track of our mutual friend. 

Enter the age of Facebook and reconnecting with my last hope to the missing chords for "Lady in the Moon".  To this day I don't know their names....but I can play 'em, and I still have the scribbling of the chord shapes from the 80's where the journey began. 

Before computers and search engines, this is how it was done, and the collection of such material was my lifeline for hanging on to a precious song that naturally fit as the title for the album, Lady in the Moon.  Rest in peace, Ray,  I'll take good care of "her". 

Joel Rafael 

I saw Joel Rafael at Wine and Song on Wednesday, then decided to go to the South Pas Library last night, for a Woody Guthrie event, specifically about the time he spent in the Los Angeles area and the profound effects it had on him. 

Joel played songs during the first half from his wonderful "Baladista" record while sharing insights into the life of Woody Guthrie. He has 4 or 5 co-writes with Woody that the Guthrie family has bestowed on him.---(don't try and do the math on t...hat one--it's timeless) 

Turns out Will Geer, (Grandpa Walton) was a traveling companion of Woody's during that time--1937-40--I believe. 
I remember going to a show at the Santa Monica Civic in celebration of his birthday (1975?) because I wanted to see Arlo mostly, but lots of wonderful singers and musicians were there. At the end of his birthday show, not wanting it to end, Mr. Geer invited everyone over to his house in the canyon, the following day......no kidding....I think the SMC holds 2,000-3,000 people. Of course the next day we packed up and went. There was a really cool outdoor stage area with bleacher type seating made out of rocks and Mr. Geer was milling around enjoying the company of everyone who showed up. A really fun hang for a high school girl totally immersed in the music of those days... 🎶🌙🎶🌙🎶


Previous events

Girls Night Out with Corrina Carter and Jeannie Willets

The Fret House, 309 N Citrus Ave,, Covina

CORRINA CARTER blends her vocals and guitar playing with passion and heart. She chooses, curates and performs songs from the folk, blues, and country tradition.

JEANNIE WILLETS an award winning folk/jazz singer/songwriter, serves audiences "food for the soul" with her well crafted songs, smooth voice, and creative guitar playing.

Tickets are $15 and will be available at the door, or purchase your tickets online to reserve your seat.


The Songwriter Serenade - Hosted by J.C. Hyke

Matt Denny's Ale House Restaurant & Bar, 145 E. Huntington Dr, Arcadia

The Songwriter Serenade is a weekly show held every Tuesday night at Matt Denny's Ale House Restaurant & Bar. Over 400 artists have now played the show!
Tonight's artists include; Corrina Carter, Carol McArthur, and Jodi Siegel. Each artist will play a 4 song set.

This is a free show on the patio. Please click the link below for more details.


Roadhouse Series - Americana Women

 —  —

Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Ave, Altadena, CA 91001

Corrina Carter's music runs the gamut under the Americana umbrella which includes blues, country, folk, and a bit of soul. Her 2016 release of "Lady in the Moon" was celebrated right here at The Coffee Gallery Backstage. She will be singing two songs along with several other artists. Please click the link below for more details and a list of performers.


Please make your reservations by calling 626 798-6236 Tickets will be available at the door. $20

South Pasadena Arts Crawl

 —  —

Bungalo Bill's Courtyard (The Munch Company), 1026 Mission St., South Pasadena

Artists and Businesses team up to celebrate the summer season with another fun and family friendly “Neighborhood Night-on-the-Town”. Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce and produced by SPACE, the South Pasadena Arts Crawl welcomes people of all ages to this free event which offers gallery exhibitions, art activities, live music, open houses, food and drink specials, and sales throughout the business district. Mission Street, and adjacent blocks, will be abuzz with festivities for the event.

Corrina Carter will play a short set at the location above, along with Cynthia Carle, Dave Clausen, Wild Mountain Mystics, Dudley Saunders, Eric Chase, Chauncey Bowers, Donna Barnes Roberts, Bill Burnett, and Cynthia Brando.

Come out for a great evening. bring the kids. there will be many activities, including: Dinosaur Farm and Kidd’s Jewelry Heist host “The Kids Are Alright Night” in their back parking lot, featuring performers 21 and under, with Charley Hickey headlining. Plus face painting and a $5 bracelet bonanza.

Mudpuddle Show! Corrina Carter, Rick Shea, and Michael McNevin.

 —  —

Mudpuddle Shop, 37433 Niles Blvd, Fremont, CA

Corrina Carter, Rick Shea, and Michael McNevin are going to get Muddy! Might include some of other touring friends adding to the showcasing & swapping with Carter, Shea & McNevin, picking, harmonies, sitting in. A fun night of Americana. Bios and more details to come. Meantime, it's a good time to make your reservations :). $20. Doors at 7:30, show at 8pm. BYO or share what's there. Bring a friend - walk-ups are welcome to open seats at showtime, and, RSVPs are a good idea. Pay at the door.

RSVP at this event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/372320166590689.

Or write Mike at info@michaelmcnevin.com

The Eclectic

 —  —

Griffins of Kinsale (21 AND OVER), 1007 Mission St., South Pasadena

This is an all day music and art event with over 60 acts performing on multiple stages around town. I will perform a 60 minute set joined by the wonderful Tim Fleming on pedal steel. The festival is family friendly and free to attend. Take the Gold Line to South Pasadena.



Hosted by: Songwriters at Play and Morro Bay Wine Seller

 —  —

Morro Bay Wine Seller, 601 Embarcadero, Morro Bay

As special guests, Corrina Carter, Alice Wallace, Craig Louis Dingman, Chris Beland, and Dorian Michael, will start the show playing 4-song sets. The showcase, featuring Andrew Delany, playing a 45-minute set, will close out the night.

Corrina's set will begin at 7:50pm

FREE - 21 & over



Steve Key Presents, Songwriters at Play

 —  —

Sculpterra Winery & Sculpture Garden, 5015 Linne Rd, Paso Robles

As special guests, Corrina Carter, Marty Dolciamore, Susan Marie Reeves, and Jenner Howland, will start the show playing 4-song sets. The showcase will feature, Renée Azzari and Nathan Conn, "Breakfast Wine", playing a 45 minute set, to close out the afternoon.

Corrina's set will begin at 2:00pm

All ages welcome.


Corrina Carter and Michael McNevin

Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Ave, Altadena, CA 91001

Corrina Carter's music runs the gamut under the Americana umbrella which includes blues, country, folk, and a bit of soul. Her 2016 release of "Lady in the Moon" was celebrated right here at The Coffee Gallery Backstage with her friend Michael McNevin opening the show. She includes two songs written by him on her record and when he is down from the bay area they can be found doing shows together around LA.

In a return visit to The Coffee Gallery they will accompany one another as well as share songs individually, resulting in a warm and inviting celebration of friendship and music. Accompanying them both on pedal steel will be the very talented, Tim Fleming.

Please make your reservations by calling 626 798-6236 Tickets will be available at the door. $15

Saturday Songwriter Sessions

 —  —

The Hill Street Cafe, 524 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside

Join Glen Hernandez, Willowspring (Vicky Tarr Jans & Diane), Breakfast Wine (Renee Azzari and Nathan Conn), and Corrina Carter for some original music and fun in the relaxed atmosphere of the Hill Street Cafe. Enjoy the music, along with great organic food, refreshing beverages, or a glass of wine, cider, or beer, and if you're so inclined, join in by playing provided percussion instruments, singing along, or just tapping your feet! The fun is free!


The Eclectic Music Festival

Calvary Church, 1050 Fremont Ave., South Pasadena

This is an all day music and art event with over 40 acts performing on multiple stages around town. I will perform a 30 minute set joined by the wonderful Tim Fleming on pedal steel. The festival is family friendly and free to attend. Take the Gold Line to South Pasadena.


The Living Tradition

The Downtown Anaheim Community Center, 250 E Center Street, Anaheim, CA

Beginning at 7:30pm, Corrina Carter will be playing a full set. If you don't already have a copy of her "Lady in the Moon" CD, this would be a good time to pick one up. Come down to this beautiful OC venue. Tickets are $16 (kids under 18 are free with each paid adult. How cool is that?). There is also free parking.

Opening for Jeni and Billy you will be transported to the Appalachian coal country.

Presented by The Living Tradition, a non-profit organization working to support and preserve traditional music and dance in Southern California.


Singer Songwriter Salon

*Exact location given upon ticket purchase, Los Angeles

In the spirit of promoting arts advocacy and creating inspiration and community through the art of live music

Reall Sweet Jazz productions presents:

...an autumn afternoon of ambiance and eclectic original music, rare covers and a touch of jazz. Host Jean Camille Bianic will delight you with his vintage, french, art deco collection of furniture and objects of interest...

Music will consist of 4 - 20 minute sets featuring:

Home Grown Southern California Minstrel - Jo Nita Beede

LA Singer/Guitarist - Corrina Carter

LA native, pianist, composer, songwriter - Karen Hammack

and a touch of Reall Sweet Jazz ala Maryanne

Limited seating $20, includes light refreshments, purchase Exact location given upon ticket purchase

Your ticket purchase supports the art of live music & we thank you

LEAF Harvest Music Festival

 —  —

Stone Garden, Mission and Mowrey, Fremont, CA

Outdoor music with four bands, BBQ picnic. Location and TIX require ADVANCED RSVP. More info to come. Featuring Sandi & the Rockerfellers (Colfax CA), Bettman & Halpin (Denver CO), Corrina Carter (Covina, CA), Tim Fleming (South Pasdadena, CA), Michael McNevin & The Spokes w/ Patrick McClellan and others. — with Corrina Carter, Stephanie Bettman, Luke Halpin, Skip Snyder, Bob Nelson, Sandi Perron-Snyder, Tim Fleming and Patrick McClellan.

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