"Music Emerging" Livestream 4/5 11 a.m.

 Hi All, 

Checking in with some "live" music news.  First though, I hope everyone is doing ok during this time of physical distancing and isolation.  Thanks to Facebook, Zoom, etc. we don't have to stay socially distant while life as


“Solar System”, opens my 2016 “Lady in the Moon” record.


Checking in for a little music talk, and show reminder. 
This song grabbed my attention years ago, and it, “Solar System”, opens my 2016 “Lady in the Moon” cd. Thought you might like to hear the wonderful songwriter Bill…

Lady in the Moon

Well here it is, the new website, with all the updated information to keep track of what I'm up to, where I'm playing, and how to order my new CD "Lady in the Moon". 
I will try and write something…