About Corrina

Music had always been a big part of Corrina Carter’s life, so it was a natural progression to pick up the guitar in 1972 after years of listening to Lulu, Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield, Jeannie C. Riely, and everything else that was pouring out of A.M. radio since 1965.

Joan Baez, The Limelighters, and The Kingston Trio were usually playing on her parent's turntable as well as a few movie soundtracks from the era. Almost every week a new 45 was added, resulting in a pretty good record collection for a kid in middle school.

By high school she was combing through album liner notes becoming immersed in the singers and songwriters of the 70’s. She began sharing her own interpretations of the music that had taken hold of her; but it wasn’t until many years later, after raising a family, that she found herself immersed in a community of Los Angeles songwriters and musicians, reigniting her passion for singing and sharing music in local clubs.

In 2015, at a friend’s urging, she attended SummerSongs music camp, run by Penny Nichols in Cambria, CA where inspiration and encouragement led Corrina to embrace the songs of her now growing music community in a new and exciting way.

The idea to create an album was suggested by another artist in attendance, Stan DeWitt, who is an integral part of the thriving Long Beach music scene. With his guidance and expertise, as well as that of his longtime friend and music partner, Derek O’Brien (Long Beach music promoter, Social Distortion), Corrina Carter made her first record in 2016 entitled “Lady in the Moon” which has been very well received.

Her strength as an artist is her ability to choose songs that connect her guitar playing with smooth and earthy vocals that result in an emotional journey for the listener.