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 Hi All, 

Checking in with some "live" music news.  First though, I hope everyone is doing ok during this time of physical distancing and isolation.  Thanks to Facebook, Zoom, etc. we don't have to stay socially distant while life as we know it has turned upside down.  It's been hard on music lovers who attend live shows, and the artists who perform them.  I've been tuning in to FB live shows to support some of the musicians whose livelihoods depend on touring and running music venues.

I was scheduled to be a guest on Cynthia Brando's “Music Emerging” livestream show from her home,  but like every other live music event, we've had to get creative with the "live" part.  So this Sunday I'm sharing a few songs from my record, “Lady in the Moon” and will talk a little about playing music in the Los Angeles area.  I'll be reading the live comments so if you have a question for me I can answer by text on the feed.  Also on the show will be award winning singer songwriter, Ric Taylor. Hope you can tune in, Sunday, 4/5  11 a.m.  

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I’ll be returning on a future show when Cynthia and I can visit live and in person. 

Take Care, 

Love, Corrina