“Solar System”, opens my 2016 “Lady in the Moon” record.


Checking in for a little music talk, and show reminder. 
This song grabbed my attention years ago, and it, “Solar System”, opens my 2016 “Lady in the Moon” cd. Thought you might like to hear the wonderful songwriter Bill Mallonee doing the version that literally stopped me in my tracks when I saw him live. 
We tried to make my studio recording of it “wide and spacey”, 
??? ......I’ll be doing it, just me and a guitar at The Fret House show in Covina, CA this Saturday night. 3/30/19 Please consider this a personal invitation to everyone on my fan site, and beyond, to join me as I co-bill with local singer songwriter Jeannie Willets. 

Jeannie Willets Fan Page 

Take Good Care, Listen Live, and often! 


P.S.—- FYI....My CD is available here: Buy some music!


Bill Mallonee - Solar System