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It's All About the Song

Corrina Carter & Janice Bina-Smith

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Severin Browne's First Friday Streaming Shows, Your Town

Hoping you will join Janice Bina-Smith and Corrina Carter for the First Friday live streaming show! They will be playing their favorite songs from Corrina’s studio in LA, 5-6 pm 🎶 followed by everyone's favorite host Severin Browne from 6-7!

"Music Emerging" Livestream 4/5 11 a.m. 

 Hi All, 

Checking in with some "live" music news.  First though, I hope everyone is doing ok during this time of physical distancing and isolation.  Thanks to Facebook, Zoom, etc. we don't have to stay socially distant while life as we know it has turned upside down.  It's been hard on music lovers who attend live shows, and the artists who perform them.  I've been tuning in to FB live shows to support some of the musicians whose livelihoods depend on touring and running music venues.

I was scheduled to be a guest on Cynthia Brando's “Music Emerging” livestream show from her home,  but like every other live music event, we've had to get creative with the "live" part.  So this Sunday I'm sharing a few songs from my record, “Lady in the Moon” and will talk a little about playing music in the Los Angeles area.  I'll be reading the live comments so if you have a question for me I can answer by text on the feed.  Also on the show will be award winning singer songwriter, Ric Taylor. Hope you can tune in, Sunday, 4/5  11 a.m.  

Follow this link--> Music Emerging Live Stream

I’ll be returning on a future show when Cynthia and I can visit live and in person. 

Take Care, 

Love, Corrina 


“Solar System”, opens my 2016 “Lady in the Moon” record. 


Checking in for a little music talk, and show reminder. 
This song grabbed my attention years ago, and it, “Solar System”, opens my 2016 “Lady in the Moon” cd. Thought you might like to hear the wonderful songwriter Bill Mallonee doing the version that literally stopped me in my tracks when I saw him live. 
We tried to make my studio recording of it “wide and spacey”, 
??? ......I’ll be doing it, just me and a guitar at The Fret House show in Covina, CA this Saturday night. 3/30/19 Please consider this a personal invitation to everyone on my fan site, and beyond, to join me as I co-bill with local singer songwriter Jeannie Willets. 

Jeannie Willets Fan Page 

Take Good Care, Listen Live, and often! 


P.S.—- FYI....My CD is available here: Buy some music!


Bill Mallonee - Solar System

Lady in the Moon 

Well here it is, the new website, with all the updated information to keep track of what I'm up to, where I'm playing, and how to order my new CD "Lady in the Moon". 
I will try and write something as often as I can;  my idea is to take a song each time, and talk about why I chose to include it on the record. 

Let me begin by saying that I do not consider myself a songwriter, which is why there are no songs on the album written by me.  I am however part of a songwriting community that I adore and who are so generous to share their songs with me.  Usually I'll be out listening to music and stumble upon a song that I feel like I can wrap my heart around; and wait to see if it continues to take root, . 

I'll begin with "Lady in the Moon"; the title cut.  I knew that one day I would record it;  way back 30 years ago, I knew.  That was when I first heard it from the songwriter, my friend, Ray De La Paz, who had a love for melodic Paul McCartney songs.  I always loved singing it with him; and when the harmony kicked in on the chorus, I felt like this was a song written just for me and filed it under: "songs I would love to record". 

Well in those days I was a pretty new guitar player and the chords he used were way out of my 'folky songs of the day', wheelhouse, so for many years I was content with the special treat of singing it together at parties we both attended.  As time went on and I improved on guitar, I knew I needed to have it in my back pocket;  and I was not about to lose track of this song!  Kids, family, life; the times of running into Ray were few and far between as things got busier for both of us and eventually I lost track of him. 

I was however in touch with a mutual friend who knew how to play it and agreed to show me; so I could write out the structure of these elusive chords.  For years I was missing two chords in the chorus; Ray unfortunately passed away in 2011 and in the meantime I  lost track of our mutual friend. 

Enter the age of Facebook and reconnecting with my last hope to the missing chords for "Lady in the Moon".  To this day I don't know their names....but I can play 'em, and I still have the scribbling of the chord shapes from the 80's where the journey began. 

Before computers and search engines, this is how it was done, and the collection of such material was my lifeline for hanging on to a precious song that naturally fit as the title for the album, Lady in the Moon.  Rest in peace, Ray,  I'll take good care of "her". 


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